Macro How to avoid Monster that is not belong to your map

        This macro code will detect if the monster is not in the list, you may create your own monster detection.

Macro Plugin

Code Example:
-I need to example the pay_fild08 map, and I list the monster that is only related to the map.

automacro RelogPay08 {
    location pay_fild08
    run-once 0
    timeout 60
    monster not Spore, Snake, Poring, Pupa, Willow, Green Plant, Shining Plant, Worm Tail
    call {
        do ml
        do relog 120

    as you can see, its an automacro bot, that you need to paste into your macros.txt, the macro code is located at pay_fild08 using location pay_fild08, and using the run-once 0 to re-run again so that it will avoid the monsters that is not related.
    Using the timeout 60 to run the macro every 60 seconds if ever there is no monster not condition. The macro will detect if there is no monster in the list, for example if the map pay_fild08 has a Salamander, then the macro well relog 120 seconds, using also the do ml to show up the monsters first, before re-logging.


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