How to Avoid Dragon's Breath Attack

      Now, i'll teach you on how to defend or to protect your character from Dragon's Breath Attack. We know that Dragon's Breath is a Fire Element, and you need to defend that Fire Element using a Fire Element Armors.

This are the List of Armors that I recommend:

Aries Crown - 5% Fire Prop.
Aries Diadem - 5% Fire Prop.
Ears of Ifrit - 5% Fire Prop.
Hairband Of Reginleif - 5% Fire Prop. and More.
Mask of Ifrit - 10% Fire Prop.
Torch Cap - 20% Fire Prop.
Welding Mask - 10% Fire Prop.

Crimson Robe - Full fire Armor

Crimson Orb - 15% Fire Prop.
Ring of Flame Lord - 10% Fire Prop.

Neo Valkyrie Shield - 20% Fire Prop. and More.
Shell Of Resistance - 20% all Elements
Valkyrie Shield - 20% Fire Prop.

Asprika - 30% all Elements including Neutral Property
Neo Muffler - 5% Fire Prop. and More.
Proxy Skin - 7% all Elements.

Crimson Shoes - 15% Fire Prop.

     I recommend those items for you to protect your character against Dragon's Breath Skill. Any comment might accepted and posted...


  1. Can i go with draco card, jakk card, leib olmai card, pasana card?