Guild Master Technics and Moves

A guide for Guild Masters and Cheating ways.

    The holder or the Main source of guild speed is the one who owned the guild, and we know that Running a Guild is hard and not that friendly.

    Some Guild Masters uses the Cloaking Bug or Tunneling(Stalker) and casting the Emergency Call, this is effective in WoE-1(Geffen,Prontera,Payon,Alde Guild) and its totally a bug ingame, some players doesn't know what's that for, and how they do it?, some players call it a FAST-CAST EC.

    Some Guild uses a Fake-Warper and it needs a Pilot to warp the Guild-Enemy, we can call it WarpExploiters, some guilds are wise because of Map Bugs it causes the players not to enter the WoE some Map Bugs are Training Ground/Gonryun/And Other New maps.

    This is also one of the most issue and there is no policy to work on, some Guilds making their Emblem's Off incase of lossing that time, and some Guilds collects a Fake-Emblem, or a Similar emblem to a certain Emblems e.g(My emblem is Skull, and the Enemy is Skull too) the Enemy doesn't know if the hero is an enemy.

    Renewal Changes, and Guild Masters can't beat the Emperium in One Shot, in other Official Servers, uses the Hybrid GX(Guillotine Cross), this are the one who can beat the Emperium
Hybrid GX Statistics:
-Long Life
-Dual Daggers(Recommend 2pcs Assassin Daggers)
-Also has a Anti-Demihuman Armors
-175-185 Attack Speed Required

      1 Hybrid GX can beat in 3-4Minutes to attack the Emperium that has a 1,200 HP, but some GX players Stat/Styles are Critical Type, and they're useless in WoE Time, and some GX pretending that they're a Hybrid GX.

     What job is the best for Guild? Well GX, Shadow Chaser are the one who can stand in WoE, GX because it has the Cloaking Exceed x2 WalkSpeed and 3x resist to all attacks. Shadow Chase because they have the Tunnel Moves but moving a Low WalkSpeed might cause or detect using the Warlock skills.

Main Source:
-Old pRO Forum.


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