How does Lag in WoE occur?

 How to avoid Lag ingame or in WoE time?

      Well as what my post Title, Lag ingame can Occur when there is a LARGE weight to your MAP, its like a CROWD, when that happens, the RAGNAROK SERVER DATABASE will also change its values, everytime a 1-PLAYER moved to its position, it also change the database. The database of Ragnarok Official has a 1pc of Database ONLY. Comparing it to Social Online Games like Farmville/Restaurant City/Uberstrike/Godswar that has a MULTIPLE DATABASE that was programmed into a multi process.

       Therefore if there's a 200players in 1-MAP, and there are lots of players WALKING/ATTACKING each other, then the MAP SERVER, will detect all the PROCESS, and SAVING/LOADING the data to its DATABASE.

Player-1    ----|                                                         <---------------------|
                       |                                                                                           |
Player-2    ----|                                                         <---------------------|
---------------------OFFICIAL EMULATOR---------->DATABASE<--|
Player-3    ----|                                                       <----------------------|                                                                                                                                                                    |
Player-4    ----|                                                       <----------------------|

    As you can see, the 4Players sends a DATA or a PACKET from your client  through Official Emulator, and the Database will also save the Status of your Character, then your client will also change the HP/SP/LOCATION.

What is Data/Packet?
-This are the BYTE/HEX values to send to your Official Server LOGIN/CHAR/MAP server.
-this is also known as the SENDER of your STATUS, all online games has a Packet/Data.
What is the Official Emulator?
-Official Emulator is the one who runs the Server and Database SQL of a certain Object Oriented Program, moreover it is also the one who can control the SYSTEM, in Ragnarok, it controls the Item Effect/Coll Down Values/Artificial Intelligence/Monsters/Instance and more.
What is a Database for?
-If there is no Database then, your character will roll back everytime you login.
-The database will also help a Certain server to know a certain Data of your character.
What is Login/Char/Map Server?
-Ragnarok has a 3 Program that was developed by Gravity, and its also part to minimize the LAG ingame.
Why Prontera Map is not Lagging?
-I hope so, but as you can see there is average of 50+ players whose WALKING, and there is no FIGHTING that can also process the HP/SP/LOCATION.
-Most of players are posting a Buy and Sell Stall, and that means they are only saving the location into the same location, the Client-AI doesn't needs to update its location because its already obvious that the player is not moving.
-Its also occur when there is an event where in the GameMasters will summon a Mob.

-The server must have a INDEPENDER database host so that it runs smoothly and the processor of a certain server must FOCUS to the DATABASE using a certain supercomputers.
-There is no solution of this Lag, even you have a 10MBPS speed.
-If you have a Good PC that can run a smooth and there is no such PC-LAG, then the SERVER OWNER must provide a high-speed Connection with a stable Server Computer.

Source: Me for being an expert about Database and Java Programming


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