EnlightenRO - 10x/10x/7x Classic Server

Hi Guys, Long time no see, it's been years when my last post. Anyway we're hosting our own server, we'll run this server on October 27, 2014. Let's meet and play.


Ragnarok PH Dual Client - June 2013 Patch

It is been a long time since the last I visited my blog, and after a few months of not visiting because of my job, and I was amazed about the pageviews and thank you to all former supporters of mine!

I updated the current client, since I visited pRO this June 2013.

I will be redirecting you to our forums, you may also post your concerns about the issues or even posting just a "THANKS DAISON"

File name: RagnaBotKo-June-2013-Update-Multi-Client.rar
Procedure: paste to your Ragnarok Folder and run any specific .bat file like [Valkyrie.bat and so on]
Link to Forum: http://ragnareview.freeforums.org/ragnarok-multiple-client-as-of-june-2013-t20.html

Ragnarok PH Dual Client - Sept 27, 2012 Patch

Hello ragnabotko viewers and fans,

I uploaded the latest patched multiple client and ready to run

forum link direct: http://ragnareview.freeforums.org/ragnarok-ph-dual-client-sept-27-2012-patch-t16.html

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Job Level Boosting[Freeze your Base Level]

Total Defense and Reduction Percentage

Rune Knight Skill Balance Formula

Maestro/Wanderer Skill Balance Formula

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