Job Level Boosting[Freeze your Base Level]

Why every time we are leveling, always our Job Level get the lesser points or it is always late when it comes to leveling, why? this because of the Base Level? is their any solution about this?

This kind of questions can be answered, I will explain every single information about Leveling.

Leveling holds

Let me create a sample Character and Monster:

Character Info:  

Class: 3rd Job
Base Level: 100
Job Level: 1
Map Leveling: ve_fild03

Monster Info:

Monster Name: Magmaring
Level: 110 +40% exp because of 10 level gap

Exp that you will get:

Base Exp: 3804 x 140% = 5325 exp
Job Exp: 2855 x 140% = 3997 exp

After Leveling up to Job Level 2, lets recompute again

Newly Level Up Character:  

Class: 3rd Job
Base Level: 100
Job Level: 2
Map Leveling: ve_fild03
Then try to kill a "Magmaring" it is the same Experience you will get, so our summary of this guide is to maintain your character until you reached Job Level 20+, and it is better to join a guild and inform them to give you a FULL TAX to reduce the Base Level Exp, so that your character will never suffer like other characters that they are now Level 150, but their Job Level is about 30~40 only.

Level 100 Job Level 1+ = Magmaring(Level 110)
Level 103 Job Level 20+ = Venatu(Level 113)

After Leveling up to Job Level 20+, maintain not to take a Daily Quest that is lesser Job Exp than Base Exp, you must be at-least reach the Job Level 50, before taking those quest.

Proof of this Guide:

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  1. Nagpapalevel/experience down ka rin ba?