Operators and Variables

macro can only hold the Body of Artificial Movements, without a condition, you are calling it via console, or making an automacro to call the macro

macro <name...> {

automacro Method is the automatically run, everytime you ran your Openkore, automacro will generate by the conditions and making it an automatic call to make an Artificial Movements to your Character

automacro <name> {
            call <macro-name>

#By creating a full set of Automatic automacro
automacro <name...> {
}call {


To declare a Variable in Openkore Macro, you just need to use the $ and combine the Word that you wan't ,
for example:


Any variable can hold an Integer, String or Double, it also depends on how you will use it in Openkore Macro

+      ----- it is mostly used in @eval() in Openkore Macro
-       ----- it also used in @eval()

=       ----- Equal

==     ----- Equally Equal

!=      ----- Not Equal

<       ----- Lesser Than

>       ----- Greater Than

<=     ----- Lesser than Equal

>=     ----- Greater than Equal


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