Learn the Automacro

As what i've said to my previous page, that you can use automacro for you to make it easy to run into your system

let's attack a monster using automacro

automacro AttackMob {
    location prt_fld08
    monster Poring, Fabre,Lunatic
    timeout 10
}call {
    do a $.lastMonster

the code was like this, if my character is in the prt_fld08 and if there's a Poring or Fabre or Lunatic and we must run this program in every 10seconds

then the program will call the Statements
the program will do a $.lastMonster
a means attack the $.lastMonster,
$.lastMonster means the monster that was detected in the CONDITION, either Poring/Fabre or Lunatic

The code will automatically run if you're in the prt_fld08 according to it's CONDITION


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