Nested Macro + Automacro

I will teach you on how to create a 1pc of automacro and a multiple macro body

how about planning to move in a map if we reach our BaseLevel Condition to our Automacro?

automacro MoveMap {
            base >= 10
            timeout 60
            call recon

macro recon {
            if( $.lvl >= 10 ) call PoringAtk;
            if( $.lvl >= 20 ) call PoporingAtk;
            if( $.lvl >= 30 ) call PlanktonAtk;

macro PoringAtk {
            do move prt_fld08

macro PoporingAtk {
            do move pay_fild04

macro PlanktonAtk {
            do move iz_dun00

The code is now done!, if the automacro detect that your baselvl is already >= 10 then it will call the macro recon, however the recon macro will also detect if your level was pass thru to his if statement...


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