Siege Breaker[GX][Philippine Ragnarok]

I think this guide only dedicates to pRO players, because we only limited to the current items that we have, and basically we don't much expend money by the time being. However this guide also takes to BUY or to GET some required ITEMS.

First, I will show the list of item that we need:

Head Gears:
  • Top:::Giant Baphomet Horns(pRO "Large Baphomet Horn")[12% resistance to Demi Human]
  • Middle:::Blush Of Groom[3% resistance to Demi Human]
  • Bottom:::Gentleman's Pipe[2% resistance to Demi Human]
  • Glorious Suit[+20%HP][7% resistance to Demi Human]
  • Glorious Shoes[+10%HP][4% resistance to Demi Human]
  • Glorious Muffler[+5%HP][5% resistance to Demi Human]
 This sets are my suggestion because of resistance that you need against Characters even if they are Normal Attack or Magical Attack.[link]
:::END OF SET:::

  • Valkyrie Shield[Thara Frog Card] = [30% resistance to Demi Human]
  • Assassin Dagger[Doppelganger Card] = [+20%HP][+3% ASPD]
  • Glorious Ring[HP+300][%5 ASPD][link] 
  • Glorious Ring[HP+300][%5 ASPD][link]

Now we have all the required items, then I will show you the computation [CALCULATOR]

The Stat Build that I post:
str = 1
agi = 103
vit = 100
int = 99
dex =  100
luk = 1

Summary of my stat build:
Q: Why str?
A: I don't need strength to attack the Emperium because of its class type "plant", plants are immuned to any attack, magical or normal, however you can attack them 1 hit per attack, while Emperium's HP is about 700~1000. 
Q: Why agi ?
A: because I don't need to expend to much stat point just to speed up our character, moreover agi is also about attack speed and this "speed" is our winning point to kill Break Emperium.As well Agi will increase our flee rate.
Q: Why vit?
A: we need vit to increase our Health Point(HP) as well to our DEF.
Q: Why int?
A: Int supports the magical attack(MATK), however we don't have skills to use to attack Emperium, but! how about magical defend(MDEF)? magical defend will lesser the damage from the enemy like[Tetra Vortex] and etc .
Q: Why dex?
A: Dex also supports the Attack Speed, as well to the Hit Ratio.
Q: Why luk?
A: We don't need to deal between Double Attack and Critical Attack,  we need to use Double Attack to break the Emperium without Critical Attack, Crit only works once, while DA doubled our attack.

Back to our Calculator, go to "Monster Combat Simulation" tab.
After clicking the tab, select the "Monster" value = "Emperium"
Now, we need to analyze our Emperium's Attack
Time/Hit                    = 0.3sec/hp
Double Attack Chance  = 50%
Emperium's HP            = 700hp

Formula: 700HP * 0.3sec/HP = 210 seconds / 60seconds = 3.5 minutes * 50% 
= ~1.25 minutes to Kill Emperium

Our Defends:
12%+3%+2%+7%+4%+5%+30% = [63% resistance to Demi Human]
100% - 63% Resistance = 37% Normal Attack or Magical Attack

so you only have 37% total damage,but! we need to make this 37% to 100% again because of other cards or items like "Raydric Card" etc.

Transform 37% into 100%:
Normal Attack Only[Raydric Card]: 100% - 20% = 80% of the parent 37%
Convert 80% into numerical form:80/100= 0.8

Magical Attack: 37% Damage
Normal Attack: 37% * 0.8 = 29.6% Damage

Cloaking Exceed = even they Cast like "Dragons Breath, Jack Frost" you won't be seen
Hallucination Walk = 50% chance to ignore Magical Attack, + 250 Flee Rate, this also help you to dodge Extremity Fist and other Normal Attacks

Kill Time: ~1.25 minutes
Magical Attacks: ignore or 37% per hit
Normal Attacks: 29.6% per hit
Skills: Cloaking Exceed, Hallucination Walk
Flee Rate: 650[Calculator]+250[Hallucination Walk] = 900Flee Rate
HP: 50,000+

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