How to use Macro

Well, we want to create a movement to your Ragnarok Character...Openkore Console supports a chat command or a auto command to your Character, which means you are assigning your Character to what you wan'ts to do.

so here's our simple program, we can say that we want to move your character...

macro MoveMyChar {
         do move 100 10
         do move prontera 120 120

so now we created a program that the character will walk

macro MoveMyChar {
   -I rename my macro to MoveMyChar and you can also rename it by yourself
   -do means, we are using the Console Command of Openkore Built in Method
move 100 10
   -we use the Console command move with 'x' and 'y' Location
   -we are moving your character to your current map e.g(payon)
move prontera 120 120
   -we are now moving your character to prontera 120 120, for the instance, you're at the payon, and then
   - the map prontera, will detect and your character will move there.

Run your Openkore bot, and type-in "macros MoveMyChar" without the quotes


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